Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation supplies worldwide markets with its original technologies and unique fiber materials developed through ninety years of experience in manufacturing of original yarn, spun fiber, and fabric.
Thanks to a proprietary moisture absorbency structure, this material always keeps the skin dry. This new Dry & Moisture Control material does not make us feel sweaty and always maintains comfort inside the garment.
As very little moisture leaks back from the fabric over sustained use, there is minimal stickiness, maintaining a sense of dryness on the surface of the skin. Further, the reduced stickiness prevents the fabric itself from attaching or clinging to the skin.

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Aim to become a world-class fabric manufacturer.
We have used the technology for manufacturing our mainstay fabrics and polymers to develop into a fabric manufacturer for a wide range of fields such as fashion, sports, leisure, life science, interior decorating, electronics, and vehicle interior materials. We are pleased to announce the creation of a new type of our synthetic leather which are gentle to the environment and able to be laundered at home.
Specially applied Resin to prevent shrinkage and ensure durability.
Environmentally Friendly: We use urethane which releases far fewer deadly toxins in combustion as compared with Synthetic leathers made from Vinyl Chloride.
Even through repetitive washes, it does not change its original touch, size and great feels.
The material is use on a very wide range of products.

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